Details: Railings, Staircases and Custom Iron Work

At Bauer Custom Welding, no two projects are the same. Our approach to creating custom iron railings and staircases is unique; our ornamental metal creations are one-of-a-kind. Form and function come together to inspire an uplift. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we bring custom iron railings, staircases and other creations to life.

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Bauer Custom Welding goes beyond simply taking orders and producing high-quality metal products.

Since our beginning, Bauer Custom Welding has always been about providing our customers with innovative ideas and second-to-none skills and service. Our approach to any project is to establish a relationship with the customer, and then to begin a conversation about the scope of work.

You’ll find that we value honest communication, and that we will have ideas and thoughts about your project. In some cases, you’ll love our ideas and ask us to incorporate them into the project. In other cases the exchange of ideas will spur something completely new and different. In all cases, we consider our work with you to be a partnership… a collaboration… in which information and thoughts are freely shared between us all.

Upon defining the project, you can rest assured that you’ll find nobody more thorough and skilled than Bauer Custom Welding. From our very first discussion to the project design development and through the final installation, we demand the best of ourselves. And you’ll see the results.